Arsen Cloud is a site that shares information related to Information Technology. This website is maintained by Alibaba Cloud MVP #310.

This site will be focusing on technology related information, such as Cloud Technology, IoT, Big Data, and more. In addition, information such as the latest technology outside of those fields above will also be discussed in this blog, such as Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, VR & AR.

The Meaning of Arsen Cloud

Arsen comes from Ancient Greek word, which means “male”, “manly”, “masculine”, “virile” or “strong” ( “arsenikós/ἀρσενικός” or “ársēn/ἄρσην”), while Cloud is a terms for Cloud Technology. The creator of this site hopes that Arsen Cloud can be the first destination for its reader that promotes Strong Cloud Knowledge in this cloud era.

Our Commitment

We strongly believes that knowledge should be free for all and not to be restricted by some rules. Therefore, we are committed to bring and share information for free. We will not attach ads on this site and this site will be free to access for everyone and every time.


Although we have committed to make this site free forever, it’s not a lie if we need costs that will later be used to maintain this site, extend the domain and hosting. In this case, as a free service provider, we will not ask our readers to pay in order to enjoy our content. However, we provide a feature for our reader that enables donation. The received donation will be used for maintaining this site. All of the donation, regardless on the amount is greatly appreciated by us.