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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Do you offer onsite survey to our company?

    Yes, our company does offer onsite surveys to your company.

    We understand the importance of conducting thorough assessments and gathering firsthand information in order to provide you with the best possible solutions and services.

    Our onsite survey team is experienced and equipped to visit your location, evaluate the specific requirements, and provide a comprehensive analysis to ensure that our offerings are tailored to your unique needs.

    Please feel free to reach out to us to schedule an onsite survey, and we will be happy to assist you in this regard.

    What kind of procurement do you provide?

    Our company offers a comprehensive range of procurement services that encompass various products, including Microsoft licenses, software licenses, network hardware, RFID technology, PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), electrical components, and more.

    Whether your organization requires licensing for software applications, networking equipment, automation technology, electrical supplies, or any other related products, we are well-equipped to facilitate your procurement needs.

    Our objective is to provide a one-stop solution for all your procurement requirements, ensuring that you have access to the resources you need for your business operations. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your specific procurement needs or request more information.

    What if we need a system that is not available on your list of services?

    If you require a system or service that is not listed among our current offerings, we are open to discussing custom solutions or exploring the possibility of expanding our service portfolio to accommodate your specific needs.

    Our commitment is to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements, and we are willing to work with you to find the best way to address any specialized needs you may have.

    Please feel free to contact us to initiate a discussion about your specific requirements, and we will explore the options available to meet your expectations.

    Do you accept overseas clients?

    Yes, we do accept overseas clients. In today's globalized business environment, we are well-equipped to serve clients from around the world. We understand the importance of accommodating the needs of clients, regardless of their geographical location.

    Our commitment to providing excellent service extends to virtual meetings, ensuring that we can effectively communicate and collaborate with overseas clients to meet their requirements. Whether it's through virtual meetings or other communication channels, we are dedicated to serving our international clients with the same level of professionalism and dedication as our local clients.

    Feel free to reach out to us to discuss how we can assist you with your specific needs.

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    Our Location

    Our Location

    Batam, Riau Island Province Indonesia

    Let’s Talk

    Let’s Talk

    (+1) 570-213-9396
    (+62) 859-2528-3916

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